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Why - Like Kids In Candy Store

It all started when I was browsing the internet – looking for software and then I stumbled upon another Google product I never heard of .. “WTF, how come I never heard of this? “

So we dug a bit more and found more Google products and services and initiatives and could not believe our eyes as we compiled them in, guess what? Google Sheet.

We were techno kids in candy store, yelling “Check this out Peter” as I discovered another ultra-cool software – and we are doing this 300 miles apart over Google Hangout (or Google Voice- forget Skype… but way better)

Did you know there over 200 Google Products & Services? Yup, you better believe it!

Holy cow – I knew Google was big- but I never knew how big. What we did notice though, is that there is no central directory website featuring all of their stuff….

…and that is when the idea of Go Google Go was born – kaboom.

If you are crazy busy like we are – you’ll appreciate one site that gives you a quick overview of all that Google offers. The best part is, that most of their stuff is free, and if not, such as Google Enterprise for Business, it’s pretty darn cheap/competitive.

Check out the master list – and be amazed at what they got going- I’m sure some of this stuff will blow your mind.

“Go Google Go” !

– Da Google Fanboys or Da Google Fanmeisters or Da Google Fangooglers….

P.S. – My message to Google – We love you, but you are not listening to us – the small business owner! We love your products- but you make it so darn difficult to find!

Google lawyers – please don’t sue us because we’re using your name, all we want to do is help small business owners discover your amazing tools.

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