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Who We Are

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We’re two curious middle-aged techno geeks and Google feeds the beast.
(That could be a good rap song, no?)

I guess you can call us Google Fanboys or Fanmen – or whatever.

We’re fascinated by Google’s mission, remember “Don’t Be Evil”?
And we love what they are doing to make software accessible – for everyone!

Who are we, really?
We’re two Canadians and we live in la Belle Province of Quebec, French Canada!
Oui, we speak French as our second language, but we also have German immigrant parents – So, do vee speak German.. ja, a little. (who cares, right?)

What do we do to pay the mortgage?
We help small businesses with our business development (sales and marketing) and IT expertise – hence why we love Google products.
We work together, 300 miles apart, using Google Hangouts to collaborate on our own and clients projects.

Our mantra? Help and connect people, businesses to customers, markets, as efficiently as possible.

Got something to say? Want to work together? Drop us a line.

Until the next time, take care and cheers!

Peter and Andreas

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