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Google Picasa

Google Picasa

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Google Picasa Screenshot

What Google Says:
Organize, edit, and share your photos.
Upload and share your photos on Google+. Tag your Google+ friends and share pictures of them. Transform your photos with 24 new effects.
Source: Google Picasa

Why You Should Use It:
Been using Google Picasa online to back up all my pictures from my desktop – do it! Don’t regret losing all your pictures on your hard drive – back-up now!

You can find the Google Picasa download for PC link here. The Mac version can be downloaded here. Mobile users can download here.

If you were using Picasa Web Albums in Picasa, you’ll have noticed that you’ve been transitioned to Google+ Photos now. All your photos will sync to Google+.

Well, here’s a pretty old video from Google, Introducing Picasa 3. I guess they don’t think it needs updating!

And a slightly newer one talking about version 3.5 (they’re at 3.9 now):

Here’s a pretty good video that shows you how to use Google Picasa:

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