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Google Maps Engine Lite Releases Data Visualization For Small Businesses

Google Maps Engine Lite Releases Data Visualization For Small Businesses

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What Google Says:
Google Maps Engine Lite makes it easy for you to create beautiful maps, share them with others, and reach your audience no matter where they are. It’s built on the same platform that provides Google services to millions of people worldwide, so your users have a consistent and familiar experience wherever they are.
Source: Google Maps Engine Lite

Why You Should Use It:
The Google Maps Engine is the flagship mapping software we all love showing us the way, anywhere in the world – it’s free and for the Google Maps Engine Pro it’s currently $5 per month.

Google Maps was updated earlier this year which included a switch to Maps Engine Lite if you want to create your own maps. You can import spreadsheets to your map (up to 3), collaborate with your friends and then share it by embedding it on your site or blog.

Google Maps Engine Lite is a great resource for educators and nonprofits alike for being able to show data on a map using GIS (geographic information systems).

The Google Earth Outreach team has created a great tutorial for you here.


Watch the short intro to Maps Engine Lite from Google here:


For a more in depth look at what you can do with the Maps Engine Lite, check out this Hangout. It’s targeted for nonprofits, but the information is useful for anyone who wants to use the Maps Engine :

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