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Google Fusion Tables

Google Fusion Tables

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What Google Says:
Bust your data out of its silo! Combine it with other data on the web. Collaborate, visualize and share. (Experimental).
Google Fusion Tables is an experimental application that lets you store, share, query, and visualize data tables.
Source: Google Fusion Tables and About Fusion Tables

Why You Should Use It:
If you have large amounts of data to display on a map or on the web, then the Google Fusion Tables service is for you. Free, of course. Upload your data and then you can use the ready-built functions to see and publish everything.

You can merge it with other data you have and also get comments on individual items.

Here’s an article to get you started with maps:

How to make a map in Google Fusion Tables | Computerworld

http://www.computerworld.comTue, 16 Oct 2012

This free data tool isn’t as well known as Google Maps or Spreadsheets, but Fusion Tables provides an easy way to map a data set by regions such as states or counties.

What are Google Fusion Tables? Here’s Google video answer:

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